Development Of Technology at Vivo S1 Pro

Vivo S1 with MediaTek Helio P65, triple cameras in India, price starts at  Rs 17,990


The very rapid development of technology, of course, indirectly forces every company to improve the quality of every product or service they make. The public or consumers are getting smarter in determining which products they will use and indirectly forcing companies to create products that can meet all consumer needs, coupled with intense competition between each gadget or smartphone provider company.

One example is the Vivo company. With its newest product

Vivo seeks to help or encourage technological development in the world through its innovation and development from the world of smartphones

As a smartphone for the lower middle class, the Vivo S1 Pro presents a large amount of RAM and internal memory. This phone is equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

With that much RAM, I never felt any lag when multitasking. The large internal memory also makes it unnecessary for me to use additional external memory, even though Vivo provides a slot for additional memory up to 256 GB.

Unfortunately, the chipset used by the S1 Pro is not as luxurious as RAM and memory. This phone only uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset and the Adreno 610 graphics card as the kitchen.

Now you can find a smartphone with your needs with the technological developments of the many promising Vivo series and meet your needs, you can choose according to your needs and tastes.