Why Should Business People Use WaveMaker RAD?

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WaveMaker is browser-based, open-source software, visual drag-and-drop programming studio that creates standard Java programs for distribution. WaveMaker generates client-side Ajax apps that interface with the server-side. The programming code in Springs and Hibernate used the Dojo JavaScript framework.

The data followed reverse engineering to develop the design from the knowledge supplied. Although the Wave Maker RAD studio includes the capability for HSQLDB, you may develop your application using a choice of databases (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and others). However, you may also take advantage of Internet services; Twitter feeds, YouTube, RSS, and other similar resources. Database reverse engineering is one method of application development. But that is not just the one.

Who Should Use WaveMaker RAD?

WaveMaker is intended for non-expert Java applications who want to build Web apps quickly. It simplifies Web applications and offers business users the ability to see their information in a graphical format.

However, it includes tools such as charts, dashboards, and others that cater to business customers and aid in data analysis. However, the best thing is that you could not only create apps quickly. Therefore, you can also deploy them to cloud services such As amazon EC2 in a matter of minutes.

How Does WaveMaker Compare to Spring Roo?

I had used Spring Roo before because when I discovered SpringSource had purchased WaveMaker. I was completely baffled. Would they invest in two RAD tools? Spring Roo and WaveMaker are also both Rapid Application Development (RAD) technologies that aid in the rapid development of Websites. However, each one is aimed towards a different group of people.

The target audience for Spring Roo is Java developers who will maintain and enhance the applications that it generates. WaveMaker RAD, on the other hand, aims to assist non-Java specialists or non-programmers in the development of Websites. Spring Roo aims to increase the productivity of Java developers by automating the majority of preparation tasks and constructing a Web application using the JPA entity model.

What About WaveMaker Cloud Support?

WaveMaker enables you to distribute WaveMaker-based apps to all major cloud service providers. Amazon EC2, Rackspace Servers, Eucalyptus Cloud, and others are among such cloud services. The WaveMaker purchase adds to VMware’s web applications technology platform. VMware just released “CloudFoundry,” an innovative PAAS that allows you to install and expand your apps in moments. As a result, you can use WaveMaker to design and publish your Spring-managed applications to CloudFoundry.

Final Verdict:

WaveMaker is available in two versions: open source communities and commercial. The Enterprise Version is a premium version that includes enterprise capabilities such as LDAP integration, improved encryption, Oracle compatibility, and more. Therefore, this essay is based on my experiences using the WaveMaker RAD community edition.

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