Top Smart Home Gadgets of 2022

Smart homes are no longer fantasies of the future or just possibilities for millionaires. From small tech, such as kettles and coffee machines to high-tech security systems, creating a smart home is easier than ever.

Listed below are the top smart home gadgets for the coming year. They’ll help any homeowner turn their house into a smart home that is safer and more efficient.

Home Hubs

Smart hubs such as the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Nest are a smaller, smarter option as opposed to larger speakers and stereo setups.

Not only can you prompt the home hubs to play the music of your choice, they also provide many of the benefits of having an assistant in the room.

From setting alarms to answering questions, smart home hubs have so many capabilities while taking up so little space in the home. You can use the hubs as individual units or as one mega-unit across the home.

Smart Coffee Makers and Kettles

Kitchen tech is always trending, but the popularity of in-home coffee machines and tea kettles skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. People stayed indoors and had to learn to make their morning cup of caffeine as well as their favorite local baristas.

They may seem like silly pieces of tech to own. However, these machines allow homeowners to prepare their morning beverages the night before.

You simply set a timer and step into the kitchen to retrieve their perfect hot beverage after getting ready for the day. This is not only a time-saver, but it also allows them to make sure their drink tastes the same every day.

Remote Door Locks

Being able to lock or unlock a door via a smartphone app provides peace of mind and additional security when needed. You can operate smart locks via an app or by using a key fob.

Because these doors don’t have a standard keyhole and don’t require the use of a standard key, the devices make it much harder to break in and burglarize.

While those situations rarely present themselves, being able to lock or unlock a door from a different location allows friends and family to enter the home even if the homeowner is not there when they arrive.

It also allows the homeowner to double-check that they locked the doors when they left. They don’t have to wonder whether or not they locked the door all day.

Smart Lighting

Much like smart door locks, having smart lights is a great option as they can also be operated via a smartphone app.

Once installed, the homeowner can use these smart home gadgets to choose the brightness of the lights in each room. They can even turn the lights on and off when they’re not home.

Some lights are even smart enough to know when people are in the room and turn on and off based on presence.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home via a smartphone app as well. This is particularly great for reducing heating and air conditioning bills.

You might prefer to return to a cool house at the end of a long workday. However, you don’t have to leave the AC on all day. It can be set to the preferred temperature when leaving work, and vice versa for a cold day.

These devices are very similar to smart lights as they can detect people in the room and adjust accordingly.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart fridges differ from the average refrigerator in the information they provide homeowners about their groceries.

It’s easy to forget about food when it’s hidden behind a tall bottle of soda. However, smart fridges detect when food products reach their expiration date. They will then alert you, saving you from wasting money on unusable groceries.

Some smart refrigerators even go so far as to place automated orders for you. These orders are based on your current preferred groceries and the foods set to expire.

Enhanced Security Systems

Smart security systems are a combination of older security systems, cameras, and biometric technology that work together to keep your home safe.

Current systems can even be used in tandem with smart locks. You can lock and unlock doors for guests, nannies, and other visitors as needed using digital codes.

Some systems also have smart alarms, which can alert the authorities on your behalf in case of an emergency.

And We’ve Only Just Scratched the Surface

There you have it! Maybe you’re looking to make your life easier by yelling for the hub to set a timer. Perhaps you just want to feel safer with a smart security system.

Whatever the need, these seven smart home gadgets can bring your smart home plans to life.

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