The Most Anticipated Mobile Gadgets of 2022

The creation of technologies such as computers, cellphones, and the internet, have caused our society to change form and evolve rapidly. The world as we know it today is largely driven by the creations and innovations within the technological industry. With each passing year, the pressure to outperform the innovations and mobile gadgets of the past is amplified.

This pressure to perform may create stress on large tech companies like Apple, Sony, and Samsung, but it is only beneficial for the consumers who will end up reaping the rewards.

The releases of tech gadgets have become an integral part of the connected culture. Each new year brings a new opportunity for the next wave of tech moguls to show off their new toys. Below we have highlighted our most anticipated mobile gadgets this year.

iPhone 14

Starting off our list as perhaps the most obvious example of a highly anticipated mobile gadget is the iPhone 14 family set to release sometime later this year.

In the 21st century, Apple has dominated the technological landscape from both innovative and financial perspectives. Since the release of the first iPod, the company has continued to grow and expand the scope of its’ influence.

In 2018 Apple became the first publicly traded U.S. company with a value of $1 trillion. With the prominence and notoriety of the company, the annual release of the new phone model has evolved to become something of a spectacle. The upcoming release of the iPhone 14 appears to be no different.

The iPhone 14 will debut later this year. It will reportedly feature a completely new design for both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. Rumored also is the release of the iPhone 14 Max, which will possess a massive 6.7-inch touchscreen. The new phone will also feature a massive upgrade to the phone’s camera with the potential for an upgrade to 48 MB sensors as opposed to the current 12 MB sensors.

With the increase in power output, it is also expected that these phones will have a much greater battery capacity, hopefully leading to longer battery life and usage. Rumors and reported features will continue to leak until the phones release sometime later this fall.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Often overshadowed by the hype surrounding the newest iPhone, Samsung has quietly been developing and improving its smartphone technology for the past decade.

Perhaps the most interesting development to come out of Samsung recently is that of their creation of a foldable touchscreen phone.

Set to debut in August or September, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will address many of the concerns and complaints that followed its predecessor. The Z Fold 4 will be lighter, sturdier, and more dust/water resistant than the model which came before it.

Coupled with a bigger battery, the device includes improved camera technology, and the ability to use and store a stylus. Samsung has taken a backseat to Apple for many years, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 seems poised for a massive release in 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Next on the list is another Samsung product, the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Featuring similar technology to the aforementioned Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Flip 4 will feature a touchscreen while also offering the utility to fold it up in a more compact fashion much like cellphones before touchscreens.

It is likely that the Flip 4 won’t receive the attention or hype of the Fold 4. It will, however, have one major advantage over its counterpart. The Flip 4 will be much more affordable. Featuring a smaller touchscreen and battery, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be an exciting, cheaper alternative.

Peloton Heart Band

Shifting our focus away from the world of smartphones, we turn our attention to the latest in fitness technology.

Similar to products like the Fitbit, the Peloton Heart Band will function as an accessory that one wears strapped to their wrist. The Heart Band will monitor the user’s heart rate and vitals during exercise. It will also provide expanded data when used with any of the Peloton exercise machines.

The new wave of exercise technology is a massive one. With this new wave, Peloton exercise has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. With the promise of new innovations such as this one on the horizon, it is easy to see why.

Targus Smart Backpack

Concluding our list of most anticipated mobile gadgets of 2022 is that of the proposed Targus Smart Backpack.

There is currently no scheduled release date, but this innovation will likely debut later this year. Reportedly, the Smart Backpack will feature a variety of technological features like Bluetooth and location services.

The backpack also enables the user to locate or ping a lost cell phone at the press of a button. Little else is known as to what other features will be included in this new Targus product. Despite this lack of information, we are very excited to see this new product’s release.

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