The Major Attributes of Truly Amazing Websites

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Do you operate a small, medium or large business? Well if you do but you continue to only operate “offline”, or what I mean is that you still do thing the usual way (aka brick-and-mortar store type), then I guess it’s time for you to expand your presence on cyberspace! But, before you have your e-commerce website built, read on to learn more on what makes a truly amazing business website.

A Good e-Commerce Website Showcases Your Product & Service

According to seasoned web design experts, an e-commerce website is one of the places on the Internet that customers look at when they hear about your company. Majority of customers rely on e-commerce websites to get their first glimpse of the product or service that’s being offered. They want to see professionalism, dedication to customers, and they also want to see a website that gives customers a good feel of the product or service. 

Now, how should you get your first e-commerce website? Well, for staters the first step would be to bu a domain that fits your company or brand. Most e-commerce experts recommend a premium, one word domain that’s memorable and easy to spell.

Once you acquire the domain name that you want, the next step is to make it yours. Your domain name is there to help prospective customers find you online. Once they’ve found you what’s next? Well obviously you need to design your e-commerce website to properly convey your brand to them.

The e-commerce website that you’ll create serves as a reflection of your company or brand, and must showcase both your product and service. Most successful e-commerce websites today present their brand, which includes the vibe, look and feel of the company. They however do this in a very professional way. 

According to data from e-commerce analytics experts, 38% of a website’s visitors will stop engaging with a website if its layout is unappealing. And, 66% of a website’s visitors prefer to read beautifully-designed content, and not plain-looking content. Thus, well-designed, visually-appealing content is the key to creating trust and credibility with customers, and is also key for keeping them together on the website longer.

The Website is Easy to Use

These days, most online netizens want accessible, quick and easy to read information right at their doorstep (err, I mean fingertips!). The longer for people to find the information they want, the more likely will it be for them to leave a website.

Thus, majority of web design professionals say that businesses should design their website in a way that information is easy to find, and easy to read. The site’s designers should also create obvious tabs and organize the website in such a way that makes navigation extremely easy. By doing so, it can maximize readership and considerably reduce website standstills!

The Site’s Content is Constantly Updated

Another amazing attribute of an effective e-commerce website,again according to our veteran web design experts, is that it’s constantly updated to keep content fresh. A regular flow of new and refreshing content keeps people returning to the site over and over again. 

Additionally, the website has to keep content relevant to what is going on in the world. This also helps with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is a wonderful strategy for all websites, regardless of whether they’re e-commerce related or not. 

Performance & Speed

What is worse than not being able to easily find the website, or even find information on the site itself? Well, it’s a slow, turtle-paced website! To keep an e-commerce website fast and always on time, it should be built to common website standards, and is regularly tested for speed and functionality issues.  

In addition, a recent survey of adults revealed that 135 of them access the Internet via mobile phones, while only 11% access the worldwide web via desktop. The speed and performance of a website, on both mobile and desktop, could be the difference between a customer who chooses to stay on the site, or closes the tab! 

Call to Action

If you have an e-commerce website, ask your customer or visitor to get engaged, by employing what’s called CTA’s or Call to Action buttons! Although it may sometimes be hard to add a call to action on each page of the site, at least try to incorporate a way for customers to engage at least a few times.

You could ask them to join your mailing list, follow you on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or invite them to a forum to ask questions, or send feedback. You could even provide them with internal links for more information, or offer them a sign up for a free consultation or trial.

By asking website visitors to do something on your website, it will get them thinking, and it will keep them actively engage in the content. It would also make your website more fun, appealing and memorable to them!

Our friendly and seasoned web design professionals also stress that websites provide customers with a map and directions to the company’s shop or offices, so that visitors will easily find their location. 

A good e-commerce website not only gives credibility to the business entity, but it also helps to give a positive impression that your company is successful and thriving. And since one of the best things about the Internet is that the size of a company doesn’t really matter, websites are so crucial for small and medium-sized businesses than the big one, as they’re always available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a result, your visitors and potential customers can visit your website to to know all the information about your new and upcoming products and services, which makes it so convenient for them. 

So, if your business still doesn’t have a presence on the Worldwide Web, perhaps it’s high time you give it a major boost by having a website built, maintained and updated by well-trained and professional web designers!