Teldat SD-WAN Solution: Guaranteed Performance Protection and Data Security


Adoption of new technologies such as SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) of course will not only have to consider costs, ease of management, or performance, but also aspects of security. Because, if you ignore the security aspect, this can result in losses for the company, which of course, not only financially, but also reputation.

Especially nowadays cyberattacks are increasing rapidly. So, what is the importance of SD-WAN solutions for company security, here is an explanation of SD-WAN and data security risks to the company?

SD-WAN excellence

• SD-WAN can simplify traditional WAN workflows.

• Designed to fully support cloud technology as well as Saas and Iaas services.

• Allows a combination of the use of various service providers, including Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), LTE, or broadband internet services.

• Using a centralized control function to regulate WAN traffic.

• The use of the device can be adjusted according to the scale of need

Benefits of SD-WAN for network security

• Automatic encrypted SD-WAN technology connection

• Guaranteed security with the Unified Threat Management feature

• Security integration of additional security features.

When is the right time to implement the Teldat SD-WAN solution

• When the company plans to move applications to the cloud, for example, Office 365, Salesforce, AWS, etc.

• New application implementation that requires Rich media such as sending high-resolution images, videos, etc.

• Refurbishment of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at branch offices.

• Roll-out of new branches

Why choose Teldat SD-WAN solution?

• Can guarantee more optimal traffic.

• Guaranteed data security from cyber attacks.

• Customers can choose several types of networks according to their needs.

• Supported by experts in the field of networking and security.

Teldat, who has decades of experience in various industrial sectors, provides SD-WAN network products for those of you who want to maximize your corporate network infrastructure. You will get a complete solution, from devices to human resources to monitoring and maintenance. Complete, you can contact visiting the site