Sysnet Global Solutions announces re-brand to VikingCloud

Sysnet Global Solutions announces re-brand to VikingCloud

By Edlyn Cardoza

Sysnet Global Solutions, a leading provider of cyber security and compliance solutions, recently announced its re-brand to VikingCloud™, unifying the businesses acquired by Sysnet over the last 18 months.

VikingCloud and ControlScan were both acquired by Sysnet in December 2020. VikingCloud delivers asset, event, and compliance management through its industry-leading next-generation cloud security platform, while ControlScan is a U.S. leader in managed security services specialising in compliance detection and response. In 2021, the business acquired SecureTrust, an industry expert in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, risk management, and regulatory compliance; NuArx, a computer and network security company that provides PCI compliance and payment security solutions to merchants and premium brands.

Sysnet, SecureTrust, NuArx, and ControlScan will now all operate under the VikingCloud name, with businesses and partners benefitting from a combined product offering delivered under two divisions – Partner Solutions and Business Solutions.

Partner Solutions services include:

  • Managed Security and Compliance for SMBs – encompassing the PCI self-service compliance portal for SMBs with an acquirer view.
  • Proactive Data Security (PDS) – offering managed security and compliance for SMBs.
  • Web Risk Monitoring Services – helping acquiring organisations detect illegal online marketing and sales activity.

Business Solutions services include:

  • Managed Security Testing (MST)
  • Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • Managed Compliance Services (MCS)
  • Consulting and Advisory Services (CAS)
  • Digital Certificates (SSL)

The move will showcase the business’s vast expertise and capabilities, improve brand awareness, and stimulate cross-sell opportunities.

The company’s CEO and executive team encompasses key personnel from the acquired organisations:

  • Robert McCullen, Chief Executive Officer (VikingCloud)
  • Gabe Moynagh, President (Sysnet),
  • Kevin Pierce, Chief Operations Officer (NuArx)
  • James Kunkel, Chief Administrative Officer (Sysnet)
  • Iordan Iordanov, Chief Financial Officer (VikingCloud)
  • Mike Petitti, Chief Revenue Officer (SecureTrust)

Robert McCullen, CEO, VikingCloud, commented: “Our recent acquisitions have broadened the scope of our offering and we are sending a clear message to businesses and organisations of all sizes around the world about the importance of securing information. While we continue to be the leader in delivering compliance solutions, our security expertise has expanded significantly, and the VikingCloud brand gives us an opportunity to more accurately reflect our entire offering.”

News of the re-brand comes at a time of rapid change for the global cyber security market. In 2021, the total number of cyberattacks increased by 50% year on year, with education, research, and healthcare hit hardest. As cyber threat actors refine their techniques and leverage machine learning and automation, the number and impacts of attacks are only likely to grow. VikingCloud aims to meet these challenges head-on, building on its recent momentum as it delivers enhanced solutions to clients of all sizes throughout 2022 and beyond.

In tandem with the re-brand, VikingCloud integrates technology, processes, and people to make it easier for customers to interact with the business. A vital component of this will involve the enhancement of the company’s cloud-native Asgard Platform™, a highly scalable, fast, global, and feature-rich platform that blends algorithms and technologies to deliver hyper-effective cybersecurity and compliance.

  • Real-time threat detection & analysis – analyses and learns from billions of events a day.
  • Multiple frameworks – tracks adherence against multiple frameworks and standards.
  • Predictive platform – utilises ML and AI to anticipate future threats and get ahead of adversaries.
  • Asset behaviour analytics – provides enhanced context for identifying malicious activity.
  • Unified findings repository – organises and prioritises findings from assessments and events.
  • Event processing and correlation and compliance – surfaces critical security events with real-time visualisation.
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