Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing the Procurement Process of Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services Solution to a Similar Competitor Solution

Durham, NC, November 05, 2021 –(– Before selecting an on-premises Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) solution, it’s crucial to know what to expect in the procurement and deployment process to ensure your solution is ready when you need it. Principled Technologies (PT) went through the regular customer channels to procure two different STaaS solutions: a Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services solution and a similar solution from a key competitor referred to as “Vendor C.”

According to the report, “…we found the process of acquiring an APEX solution was both rapid and straightforward. With price quotes and subsequent purchase available via the APEX Console in just 30 minutes and activation in just 13 days, the APEX Data Storage Services solution required no upfront capital to get started. The Vendor C solution required significant upfront payment that could delay the implementation process, and took 21 days from purchase to activation.”

To learn more about how the procurement and deployment processes for the Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services solution, read the full report at or see the infographic at

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