Is 2022 The Right Time To Switch Internet Providers?

Choosing the wrong internet service provider doesn’t have to be a permanent mistake. For those who sign up for monthly contracts, the decision to select a better provider is easy. Others might have to negotiate with a provider who required a longer service contract.

The great news is that no one is stuck with a single service provider for life. Changing ISPs is usually an uncomplicated and pleasant experience. 

Reasons to Switch Providers

Switching internet service providers isn’t rocket science these days. Providers make it easier than ever to get out of a deal or to move service to another area. While there are countless reasons to switch providers, these few reasons are among the most commonly listed.

Faster Speeds

Slow internet is a frustrating household problem. As families bring more devices on board, they often find that movies and games get stuck in an eternal buffer or at the very least a very tedious one. Some folks switch over just because they need fast internet service.

Cheaper Internet

ISPs often mix up their pricing specials and try to compete with each other. That’s to the customer’s benefit. If you find the same speed of service for a cheaper price, it makes good sense to bolt.


Not every city has the same ISPs. If you move to a new city and find your old ISP isn’t able to provide service there, you’ll need to find a new service. 

How to Move to Another Provider

Before you leave your current provider, you’ll need to let them know this. If you don’t, they may keep providing service and charging you for it. No one likes moving to a new city and getting a bill later on for hundreds of dollars because they didn’t cancel their old service.

1. Pick a new provider

Before you go canceling your old ISP, make sure that your new provider is ready to go. It takes some companies longer than others to set up service, so if you cancel your old service before setting up your new one, things can be very bleak around an internet-free house for a few days. Pick your provider and order.

2. Negotiate the best deal

All ISPs have different plans and speeds available. Be sure to pick a speed that’s going to give everyone in your house a great internet experience. Negotiate a good price with your new provider, if they’re open to this. Many times, first-time customers will grab a better deal than those currently using the provider. Use your leverage as a new customer to get a fair ISP deal.

3. Cancel that old service

Tell your current provider that you don’t require service anymore. Return any equipment that you’ve been using so that they don’t charge you for this later on. It’s best to cancel on the day of installation for your new service.

4. Installation day

Your new service provider will usually call on the day of your installation and let you know to be ready for their visit. Don’t miss this important date. Since you’ve already nixed the old service, your connectivity depends on keeping that installation appointment with your new provider. 

5. Enjoy

It’s time to test out that new service and make sure it meets your standards. A movie streaming night or gaming session should test the waters just fine.

Switching internet service providers isn’t hard to do, but it can be a challenge to turn down those desperate offers from a service trying to keep you on their side. Be strong in the face of specials that they offer you and content with the idea that you’ve made the right choice in choosing a new provider. As you ease into the new service you’ve chosen, monitor it for reliability and speed.

If you’ve gotten a shorter-term contract or no contract at all, you’ve given yourself the freedom to switch providers as much as you want until you settle on the perfect service for your household.

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