Hailo, CVEDIA Partner to Launch Next-Gen Thermal Edge AI Solutions

Hailo, a leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) chipmaker, has announced its partnership with CVEDIA, a leader in edge computer vision software, to launch next-generation thermal edge AI solutions. 

The joint solutions combine CVEDIA’s computer vision expertise alongside its synthetic data technology with the Hailo-8 AI processor to offer customers high-performance, scalable thermal edge AI solutions for a wide range of market segments including industry 4.0, smart cities, security, transportation, and more. 

Thermal imaging sensors are critical for security, surveillance, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications due to their ability to operate in bad weather, low light conditions, and at nighttime, while providing fewer false positives in such challenging environments.  However, developing thermal AI solutions at scale can be challenging given the scarcity of thermal training data publicly available. CVEDIA’s synthetic data pipeline addresses common data bottlenecks including data collection, annotation, and validation, while enabling rapid scalability and maintenance of thermal camera-based solutions. 

CVEDIA’s synthetic data technology, combined with the Hailo-8 AI processor, offers high-performance, scalable, thermal edge AI solutions

The Hailo-8 AI processor, with up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) at a typical power consumption of 2.5 W, will improve the performance of object detection and classification algorithms for countless edge applications in smart cities, transportation, and security. The joint solutions will make AI models significantly smaller, enabling them to run faster without compromising accuracy – solving major pain points industries face such as speed, dependability, time to market, and production costs.

The Hailo-8 delivers unprecedented performance to edge devices. The processor is built with an innovative architecture that enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications that could previously only run on the cloud. Their advanced structure translates into higher performance, lower power, and minimal latency, enabling enhanced privacy and better reliability for smart devices operating at the edge.

Arjan Wijnveen, CEO at CVEDIA
CVEDIA is the only end-to-end computer vision solutions company that enables companies to rapidly build, scale and maintain their AI products across the commercial and defense sectors. When combined with Hailo’s high-performance AI processor, we can provide incredibly power-efficient, highly scalable, and safer AI solutions for a new era of intelligent cameras.

Liran Bar, VP Business Development at Hailo
This partnership bolsters our position in the video analytics and security sector, enabling us to further address the rapidly growing need for efficient and reliable technologies that process visual images more efficiently at greater speeds, while still maintaining data privacy. 

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