Backlinks are important for SEO, but Page Experience is far more!

Content Quality vs. Backlink Quality: Which Matters Most?

What would it feel like, if you get invited by Tony Stark for the inauguration of newly built Stark Industries? Sheer bliss, no? Your veins pump excitement in you, your pupils grow giant in hope, and you start to doubt reality. But then, you are before the very headquarters and it looks a little odd. The doors are manual and rusty; the elevators are broken; there is dust. The experience has turned you off. We know! This same thing happens in the case of surfing the internet. Why? Because of poor web design, says . It is a necessity now, to have a smooth web design. If you have plans already, check how they can help here –

The time to come is going to be of experience now. It has to be smooth.

What is Page Experience and User Experience?

`SEO and Link building is something which simply became the word of the decade in terms of Google. These were something that were like the final stage – if you can win these, your way to the top of SERP is open. This was true, and still is. But something else has become as important too. It is the experience – Page Experience and User Experience. So, what actually are these?

The Curious Case of User Experience!

User Experience (UX or UE) is something that has been here with us for centuries and centuries. However, it has got a name in recent years alone. User Experience is a way to make the life of users easy in a way that they do not find any difficulty while going through products or services. If you enter an airport and find it difficult to find the washroom, it is because the airport has a bad design in terms of User Experience. No matter what the field, User Experience means the same thing.

If a website has been built badly, it will make it harder for a user to find things there. Google strongly suggests people to have a good web design in terms of User Experience, says Here are a few examples of how web design companies nourish websites for a better user experience –

  • By placing action buttons where they are easily accessible.
  • Having a menu that does not cover the whole screen.
  • Choosing colors that are too harsh for the eyes.
  • Placing elements at the place where they do not obstruct the reading experience.
  • Avoiding pop ups in between the reading experience.

These are a few examples of how web design companies decide over User Experience. Now it comes to Page experience.

The Curious Case of Page Experience!

Now it comes to what Page Experience is and how different is it from a User Experience.

Although Page Experience is a different thing, improving it leads to a better User Experience too.

Back in mid-2020 Google announced that it would now be targeting those websites with poor web design. This led to a state of a stampede in the world of websites. People started asking about what it all was. Well, it was an update that would work on pushing people to have a smooth web design. We now call it Core Web Vitals.

Page Experience is a set of factors, which we call web vitals. These vitals together decide if a website is loading smooth and not obstructing the visitor. What all were these factors?

Here are the factors that together decide the quality of Page Experience –

  • Core Web Vitals
    • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) – How fast the website loads.
    • FID (First Input Delay) – how fast the action button works in showing results!
    • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) – how fast the several web elements load and adjust themselves.
  • Other Web Vitals
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • HTTPS
    • No Intrusive Interstitials

These vitals together decide the quality of the Page Experience. The better the Page Experience, the better that domain will rise in SERP. So, how can you make sure that you have a better Page Experience?

How to have better Page Experience and User Experience?

Now, it comes down to how you can make it all better so you and your users have a joyful life!

First thing first, if you do not have even the slightest idea of what web design is and how it works, and if you are thinking about website builders for now, then STOP! Yes! Website builders are an easy no-code solution for those who do not know how to make a website, but they can easily make your website slow. And website slow means that you have a low FID score, which further means that you’ll have a low SERP score.

What you’d want to do here is to get a web design agency, if you have a long-term vision and the budget for it. We suggest you check for it. Web designers are like architects to the internet. It is a luxury to have and a necessity too.

but, if you do not have the right budget, we suggest you buy a website theme with a responsive design. It is easy and it is helpful. However, know that with time it will start to build up issues and then you’ll need the help of some web development agency.

Tips to have a better User and Page Experience.

These tips won’t assure you of a sudden rise in the SERP, but know that these tips will surely save you from the fall. If done well they’ll gradually help your website get some speed.

  • Do not interrupt your readers with a sudden pop up covering the screen. It just won’t help your website and is against the Web Vitals. Intrusive Interstitials are something which should be avoided.
  • Place the action buttons, like buy now button or subscribe button, at a place where the user faces no difficulty to access them.
  • Avoid website builders where possible as they will stuff your website with 4 times the required script and thus slow it down.
  • Read surveys on how you can make a website that is user friendly and not a trouble.
  • Have a good website structure and a good content structure that is easy to surf through.
  • Design a menu that is not confusing and is interactive instead.
  • make fonts easier to read. Which means that your font style should be simple and size should be just large enough to read.

These are a few tips that can help you have a website that speaks sublime to the users. If you have a company that you want to see reach the heights in the coming future, then we suggest you be a step ahead. Now websites are slowly focusing on areas where they can make an impact through a great web design too.

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