Do I Need a Data Backup?

Computer files are not like paper files. Paper files are tangible and barring any major disaster like flood or fire. They will remain relatively unchanged for many, many years.

Computer files are incredibly volatile. We take for granted that the pictures and videos we have will always be there. The truth is, they can be gone forever in a split second.

We’ve worked with hundreds of disaster recovery management. The common disasters that wipe out data are:

Power surges – computer files are made of charged electricity on spinning metal platters. Power surges can very quickly send spikes of heat into your hard drive, causing data corruption or loss and you just need data Solutions .

General drive failure – all drives have a life, just like a car engine won’t usually drive past 200,000 miles without trouble. Trips are made to last around three years, any more than that, and you are lucky. A 6-year old hard drive in a computer is a time bomb.

Viruses – viruses can wipe out your data in a flash. Usually, viruses look to crash your entire computer, making it unable to boot. Sometimes viruses themselves can malfunction and hit your drive accidentally.

If you lose data, can it be recovered, and at what cost?

When it’s corruption or deletion, it can usually be recovered with the necessary software. However, you must attempt recovery as soon as possible – if the computer runs after the data loss the window to recover begins … Read More . . .